Antipode café

Newly arrived

Mathieu had just arrived in Quebec and wanted to create his own restaurant concept as quickly as possible. His idea was to create a café-bistro concept open from early morning until late evening.

A mixed offer

The idea was to set up in a fairly residential area and offer customers a range of drinks throughout the day. We considered the feasibility of the project and began the process of proactive support with the Consultant A la carte” service. Each week, we developed a part of the business plan while creating the management tools appropriate to their concept. We studied the various potential customer segments and defined the different loyalty strategies to be implemented. We negotiated the lease, envisaged the cost of the project, forecast sales and possible profits. We then considered the various financing options. Mathieu and his 2 associates received their financing and created one of the best referenced locations in Montreal.

Hard work pays off

L’antipode Café was born of the perseverance and tenacity of young associates determined to work for themselves. Open directly onto the street, it’s an eye-catching, dynamic and contemporary space.