The Quebec Restaurant Entrepreneurship Center

Founded by Philippe Bertrand, a true restaurant enthusiast and expert, CDER Québec was born of the desire to provide specific support to those wishing to open a restaurant, café, food counter or other catering concept.

Our mission

Put our expertise to work for you to make your dream of opening your own restaurant a reality!

Philippe Bertrand

Founder and driving force behind CDER Québec

More than an expert in catering, Philippe is a pragmatic professional, always grounded in the realities of the field. Philippe has accumulated over 30 years of expertise in the field. His experience has enabled him to develop his management, creative and marketing skills in the restaurant sector. Philippe has several dozen restaurant creations to his credit.

Expertise & Recognition

of expertise in the food service and catering sector
0 years
of experience specializing in the creation and opening of restaurants
0 years
of expertise in creating business plans for restaurants
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Your partner in the restaurant adventure

Philippe Bertrand is more than an expert. He's a partner, a guide for all those who want to turn their dreams into reality. If you're driven by a passion for the restaurant business and want to see your project through to the end, you've come to the right place. Guided by an unwavering passion, he personally accompanies entrepreneurs on their quest, helping them develop solid business plans and bring their visions to life. His passion for the restaurant business translates into a dedication to sharing his knowledge, advising and supporting those embarking on this demanding adventure.