We helped them create their own restaurant

Get inspired by the projects of others who, like you, have decided to use our business plan service.

You’re thinking of entering the restaurant business. But you’re still not sure which restaurant concept to adopt.

This page is designed to guide you in your decision by presenting the various concepts and types of catering we have helped to establish.

Antipode café

Mathieu had just arrived in Quebec and wanted to create his own restaurant concept as quickly as possible. His idea was to create a café-bistro concept open from early morning until late evening.

Le Mélisse restaurant

Caroline already had a great background in the restaurant business, working as the manager of a food concept. But she wanted to use her experience and invest her time in her own business. She decided to contact me.

Aloha Boba Café

In collaboration with Jhésabelle, CDER Québec brought to fruition its project for an independent regional restaurant-café. Our goal was to offer a superior coffee offering, featuring homemade recipes

Le Roseline

Jean-Marc came to me with a very specific idea. He had no experience in the restaurant business. He wanted to create a place that brought together 3 concepts, and wanted to create a place that reminded him of a certain era.

Le Virunga

Maria was an expert in African cuisine. A native of the Congo herself, she wanted above all to succeed in opening her own restaurant, focusing on recipes found nowhere else. She decided to meet me.

FoodAS Cuisine

It is with great pride that we announce the opening of FoodAs Cuisine, a restaurant with a warm, authentic atmosphere, located in New Carlisle, on the edge of the magnificent Gaspé region.

Le Verdun Beach

The objective was to create the first neighborhood bistro concept in the chosen location. Charles contacted me to help him realize and create the restaurant concept that was close to his heart.

Café 2 Mains

Patricia came to me to talk about her project. For some time, she had been dreaming of creating her own café, while taking her own destiny into her own hands. The idea was to create a café that was as responsible as possible.

Bistro MM station culinaire

Michel was a young chef who wanted to start his own business. It was time for him to take flight. He came to see me to talk about his restaurant project. We began the process of creating his project.

Fabrique Caramel

Amélie and Mérédith worked in the pastry-making sector. They decided to create their own concept. A made-to-measure cake and coffee concept. They came to meet me and we began the process of setting up the business.

Nougat et Nectarine

Céline had no expertise in the restaurant business. She had been working on her project for several years, and it was time for her to take the plunge and make it a reality. She decided to come and meet me.

Twisted Burger

Alejandro wanted to open a second restaurant concept. He also wanted to take advantage of this new opening to develop better management tools with a view to increasing the profitability of the second concept.

Chez Teta

The objective was to create the first neighborhood Lebanese café concept. Amoun, the future owner, wanted help with his business and financial plan.

Café Iso

Creating a café means creating a living space. Cafés are appreciated for their living spaces and the atmosphere they create. A concept that allows people to get together and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Isobel came to meet me to talk about her café project.

Chez Mère-Grand

Romain, a Frenchman from the Marseilles region, came to me to set up an idea that had been growing in his head. He wanted to create a café-grocery concept with a rather old-fashioned style.

Restaurant Platana

Valérie and Jean-Loïc lived in Guadeloupe. He wanted to move to Montreal and open a restaurant with an African and Caribbean theme. We started the process before they arrived, saving them time and money.

Baguette Brochette

Jade had two ideas in mind for some time. The first was to become his own boss and make a living from his own work. The second was to open a sandwich shop concept. He came to see me and told me about his project. He had no experience in the restaurant business and wanted to know if the project was realistic.

Funny Yummy

We are pleased to present Funny & Yummy. An innovative vegan restaurant concept that has just opened its doors in Sherbrooke. After weeks of collaboration with founders Charlène and Nadège, we were able to realize their vision and bring their dream of creating a convivial space for vegan food lovers to life.

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